Field Device Tooling (DC-101)

Field Device Tooling Courses

Field Device Tooling Training

Field Device Tooling Training Courses

This Field Device Tooling Course is an intermediate course for FDT (Field Device Tooling) software which will start by providing maintenance and engineering personnel with the basic concepts and layout of FDT frames. Students will then be given detailed instruction on proper DTM maintenance to keep software running smoothly. The lab work will focus on proper connection to field devices using different CommDTM’s with different hardware and providing the proper field device documentation before the release of the devices back to service. The class will be a combination of classroom and hands-on training on the TriNova Process Training Unit, a full-scale, working process skid with online instrumentation and controls.

Class Schedule

One Day 7:30 am - 4:30 pm


Specific Training Topics Covered

  • Field Device Tooling Overview
  • DTM Updates
  • Advanced DTM Troubleshooting
  • Getting Started Point to Point
  • Saving Instrument Data
  • FDT Networking Demo

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