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Flame & Gas Detection

TriNova is a supplier of Det-Tronics flame and gas detection and hazard mitigation systems for use in industrial applications. A global leader in fire and gas safety systems, Det-Tronics has earned the reputation for manufacturing reliable, high performance detection and safety systems for high-risk processes and industrial operations.

Benefits of Det-Tronics System

Det-Tronics manufactures its systems, including the components, to the most stringent quality and performance standards. They offer flexibility, functionality, and reliability, providing protection for workers and equipment from toxic and combustible gas leaks, fire, and other hazardous conditions. The Det-Tronics product line includes:

hazardous gas detectors
  • Fire and gas safety systems designed to support addressable-loop and point-to-point architectures. They combine detection and release functionality, are highly fault tolerant, and can be configured to meet your specific requirements.
fixed combustible gas detector
  • Flame detectors utilizing the latest optical technologies in UV, IR, UV/IR, Dual IR, and multispectrum IR to provide superior detection while minimizing false alarms.
industrial gas detector
  • Gas detectors engineered to accurately detect the presence of combustible and toxic gases in your facility. The full line of gas detectors includes models with nanotechnology metal oxide semiconductor (NTMOS), catalytic, electrochemical, IR absorption technologies, and acoustic detectors (for gas leak detection).

TriNova specializes in providing flame and gas detection systems and hazard mitigation systems for marine, mining, wastewater, and fire services applications. We serve the Southeast region of the United States. Our expert staff works with our clients to help select the best detectors, transmitters, controllers, panels, cameras, and power supplies for your application and facility. Our engineers can work with your facility staff or fire services specialists to review your facility drawings, assist with the placement of the detectors, and help select the best product for your facility. TriNova’s certified service technicians serve the Southeast and provide onsite training, maintenance, and service.

At TriNova, we provide solutions for our customers’ process challenges, working with them to select the best Det-Tronics flame and gas detection equipment and hazard mitigation system for their application and facility. Our staff is passionate about our business, and has a wealth of experience with the industries we serve and Det-Tronics full product line.

When you buy from TriNova you get a great deal more than the product you purchase – you get access to all of our resources – the latest technologies, expert engineering and technical staff, experienced field service, training programs, all supported by superior customer service. Call today to see how we can solve your hazardous gas detection challenge.


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