Food Safety & Sanitation Process Integration

food process integrationTriNova, Inc. is a supplier of innovative sanitary measurement and control solutions for the food and beverage industry. Our products cover the full line of instruments, valves, and fittings designed to meet the stringent requirements for safety and reliability. We provide solutions for CIP control, Pasteurization and aseptic systems, blending/mixing concentrations, tank level, plant utilities, and bulk solid and liquid measurement, to name a few. Our products offer the connections, materials, coatings, special surface finishes, seals and diaphragms for optimal safety and process integration. We supply a wide variety of sanitary products that meet 3A requirements and are suitable for CIP (clean in place), SIP (steam in place), HTST (high temperature, short time), and PMO (Pasteurized Milk Ordinance) applications. Our experience helps customers increase up-time and production while minimizing product loss. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure our products meet the standard in sanitary design and cleanability.