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DeZURIK/APCO/Hilton and Willamette's Industrial Representative

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TriNova Inc. is happy to announce that we are the DeZURIK/APCO/Hilton and Willamette's Industrial Representative for the entire state of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Eastern and Central Connecticut, and Upstate New York effective September 3, 2019.

DeZURIK, APCO, HILTON and Willamette - four of the most trusted brands in the valve industry - have set the standard for design innovation, quality and service. Their high-quality products have made them a global leader in manufacturing valves for water treatment, sewage treatment, water distribution, pump stations, pulp and paper, chemical and petrochemical, mining, power, hydropower dams, and other process industries. Their vision is to deliver exceptional value to our customers by applying our valve and problem-solving expertise to improve their operational performance.

Kahn-TriNova Expansion to New England

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We are very proud to announce that we are expanding our long time partnership with Kahn Instruments and are now representing their full line-up of hygrometers and moisture measurement equipment in New England.


Kahn's complete line of precision transmitters, portable and stationary instruments measure moisture in a broad variety of gases from vacuum to 6000PSIG. The technologies utilized include ceramic capacitive as well as chilled mirror optical. More detail can be found here: www.kahn.com/hygrometers/index.html

Kahn chose Trinova, Inc. to represent them in New England because of our knowledge and experience with the industries in New England as well as our experience working together throughout the southern US for nearly a decade. Trinova has been providing process control instrumentation for over 50 years.

Kahn Display

To see the other manufacturers we represent, Please click here: https://www.trinovainc.com/manufacturers.html

Our sales personnel are available to answer any questions about Kahn's capabilities, or to show you a demonstration in your facility.

Kahn info

Boreal Announcement Laser Gas Detection Products

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TriNova Inc. becomes the exclusive representative of Boreal Laser Inc. in Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansa, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Greater New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Edmonton, AB, July. 22nd, 2019 – Boreal Laser is pleased to announce that TriNova is now the exclusive representative for Boreal Laser in Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Greater New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Boreal is an Edmonton based, world leading provider of laser based Open Path Gas Detection for toxic, combustible and greenhouse gas detection and monitoring applications. Boreal’s OP-TDL (Open Path - Tunable Diode Laser) technology provides continuous and instantaneous response times and accurate readings to targeted gases, but without the false alarms caused by cross sensitivity to other gases or atmospheric interferences. This is an operational friendly technology as it has a lifespan of over 15 years and does not require inherent calibration. “We’re very excited to be partnered with TriNova.” says Kyle MacDonald VP, Sales & Marketing at Boreal Laser. “I believe that our Open Path Gas Detection products fit very nicely into TriNova’s existing line card and I know they’ll do a fantastic job of bringing this technology to their customers.”


Open path monitoring with Boreal’s line of GasFinder products can detect Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), Methane (CH4), Hydrogen Fluoride (HF), Ammonia (NH3), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN), Hydrogen Chloride (HCl), Oxygen (O2), Acetylene (C2H2) and Ethylene (C2H4) leaks from industrial operations quickly and unambiguously. Path lengths can be up to 500m. Boreal Laser’s analyzers can be used for fixed monitoring applications or for temporary protection of workers during construction projects, turn arounds or other hazardous applications.


Most sources of fugitive emissions are from multiple points rather than single point sources. So, open path area or perimeter monitoring provides more meaningful fugitive emissions data than an array of point sensors or a program of grab sampling. Point measurements may underestimate emissions because of missing locations with high gas concentrations, or conversely overestimate because they are located in areas of high concentrations. Grab sampling programs typically check only a small percentage of potential leak locations and extrapolate results to an entire facility. Wide margins of uncertainty are associated with such extrapolations.

Open path monitoring provides continuously updated, real-time, path integrated concentrations emissions across a facility boundary that can be used to generate an estimated emissions rate. This provides a much more complete picture of the estimated fugitive emissions across that boundary, enabling identification of specific operations and times that give rise to higher emissions, and so enabling these emissions to be properly managed and controlled.


TriNova, Inc. has been helping customers with measurement and process challenges for over 50 years. TriNova was founded by Frank A. Thomas in 1954. For the last twenty years Trinova, Inc. has been led by CEO and majority stock holder Robbie Watson. Our corporation has been providing clients solutions and services for more than 50 years and our goal is to continue to assure our customer's requests are handled in a professional & timely manner with trained professional personnel. For more information visit www.trinovainc.com.


Boreal Laser was formed in April 1990 and has been developing and manufacturing open path laser based gas detection solutions. Boreal Laser now has installations in over 47 different countries servicing the safety, environmental, and mobile domains. Boreal Laser products are used for the protection of life and the preservation of the environment, so quality and reliability are never sacrificed.

As a result, most of the instruments Boreal delivered in its early years are still in operation almost two decades later. Endorsements, referrals and repeat business from existing and, highly satisfied partners remain Boreal’s most effective marketing tool. For more information, visit www.boreal-laser.com. For further information Kyle MacDonald VP, Sales & Marketing p: 780-488-5173 ext. 104 e: kmacdonald@boreal-laser.com

TriNova Application Engineer - Jack Ke

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At TriNova we feel the Customer Experience is paramount. Application Engineers in all of our seven sales offices!

TriNova Application Engineers are trained and experienced to provide Customers the information and assistance needed in a prompt and professional manner.

Jack Ke - Application Engineer

Jack is one of our Application Engineers in our Lakeland, FL sales office. Jack holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Florida. He is in his third year with TriNova, has attended training at ProMinent Fluid Controls in Pittsburgh and attended Endress + Hauser's Application Engineer program in Indianapolis. Jack's contact information is attached. Email, call or text Jack anytime you need something for the challenges and opportunities at your place of work. He is ready to provide the Customer Experience that you expect and deserve!

863-682-4500 - OFFICE

863-255-7823 - DIRECT

813-810-2345 - CELL

Are you protected from the most flammable element on earth?

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Hydrogen and fire safety: Detecting the most flammable element on earth

By itself, hydrogen is colorless, odorless, tasteless and non-toxic. But when even small amounts of this seemingly harmless substance mix with air, it morphs into a major fire hazard. Therefore, industries that use hydrogen require leading-edge flame and gas-leak detection technologies to ensure a safe environment for people and processes.

Read more from International Fire Protection...

Download the whitepaper from Det-tronics

X3302 Multispectrum Infrared Hydrogen Flame Detector

The recently enhanced X3302 brings state-of-the-art flame detection to the difficult task of detecting invisible hydrogen flames in applications such as refineries, chemical loading, battery rooms, compressor areas, generators, refrigerants, gas plants.

Learn more from Det-tronics...

Download the X3302 Specs





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Chemical Feed Training Tour!

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Chem Feed Dates

Chem Feed Why

TriNova Automation Success

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TriNova Automation Group

TriNova Automation has been involved in an efficiency program at a dairy facility in the New England area. The project has been very successful and extremely exciting for our group!

The scope we were given for this job was challenging. The three directives were as follows:

  • Decrease QA labor by 6000 hours per year by designing, fabricating, and integrating an operator friendly reject station for unsealed product.
  • Conveyor staging that allows either the packaging system or the filler to maintain up time by using open conveyor space. This would raise the efficiency by 10%.
  • Design and install a cup loader that allows the operator to stay at the operator station for a 10-minute interval before reloading rather than the current 2-minute interval. This would allow the operator to monitor the machine more closely and decrease labor.

To date we have the reject station installed and commissioned. It has been a great success for the customer and a win for TriNova Automation! The conveyor staging will be on-line by March 31, 2019 and a loader installed by the end of April 2019.

At the same facility, during a shutdown, there was a major equipment failure on one of the fillers. TriNova engineers were able to restore the machine by installing a new PLC and rebuilding the program. Our group of engineers showed perseverance and were successful in completing the repairs in time to meet the production schedule. Here is what the customer had to say about the work that was done:

“I wanted to take this opportunity to give credit where credit is due. The entire TriNova team did an exceptional job this past weekend during our shutdown.Special thanks go out to John, Colin and Alex. The work they did on the PLC for our Filler 2 was exceptional. Without their efforts and knowledge this filling line would have been down for most of this week. They were exceptional in replacing a corrupted PLC, restoring the backup program and working through installing all software/hardware that was needed to have the filler running again when we had product ready.”

We are excited for the future of the TriNova Automation Group! The team is unmatched and completely solution based. They look forward to having many more opportunities helping our customers improve their production efficiency.

Meet our Lake Charles, LA Team

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Contact Us

Lake Charles Contact

Electric Heat Trace Systems

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Electric Heat Trace Systems

An electrical heat-tracing system is much more than just the heating cable. Raychem/Tracer provides a complete system including the transformer, control and monitoring panels, power connections, heating cable, end terminations, and related accessories. We manage the heat you need - from pipe freeze protection, or process temperature maintenance, to process heat-up applications.

Heat Trace Illustration

TriNova Heat Trace Capabilities

FREE Compressed Air Systems Optimization Workshop!

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Why should you attend?

We know your time is valuable and so is the reliability of your compressed air system. Without compressed air, many businesses are not fully functional or even functional at all!

Our TriNova Compressed Air 101 training course is focused on increasing the up-time of your compressed air system through knowledge of these topics:

  • Components of a compressed air system
  • Preventive maintenance of air system components
  • Maintaining pressure through component choices
  • Reducing compressed air system cost

Who can benefit?

  • Maintenance Managers
  • Reliability Managers
  • Process Engineers
  • Project Engineers

Training is 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM and includes breakfast & lunch. More details available by calling 888-906-7445 or marketing@trinovainc.com.

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